Day 12: Fun in the sun

In case you think I spend all my days in the sunshine, I should point out that the following blog post was written on Saturday 22 May :0)

Ah, this is the life. I am in Rutland, on the Hambleton Peninsula. Ross is fishing, and Radish and I are reclining in the shade. But don’t go thinking we’re being lazy ~ we have already walked the 6 mile circuit. And the weather is so glorious that we thought we’d make a day of it, following a delicious lunch in the Finch’s Arms with a spot of ~ in my case ~ chilling, blogging and reading, and ~ in Radish’s case ~ partaking in stand-offs with sheep.

I’m not sure life gets much better than this…

Anyway, back to business ~ Race For Life, getting fit and raising money for Cancer Research UK. Despite not blogging daily as I’d originally hoped ~ too many fantastic copywriting projects on the go at the moment, and one includes my web design business (coming soon) ~ I have made time for exercise. Every day has included at least one double-march with Rads and I’ve even frequented the gym a couple of times.

Race For Life is something I’m passionate about. I want to use it as a real force for good ~ to get fit and, much more importantly, to raise money for Cancer Research. Not many people are fortunate enough to have dodged the devastation of cancer at some point in their lives. If you would like to support my race, that would be amazing ~ and thank you so much.

And returning briefly to Rutland, the day ended on a high ~ Radish discovered that swimming is fun! Previously, she’d only paddled in water but today she swam. I tried to capture this momentous moment on the iPhone but I managed to video only grass, possibly because Radish suddenly charged at me when she spotted the phone in use. She dislikes the iPhone…

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