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Monday Madness!

Yes, it’s that time of the week once again… It’s Monday Madness time!

By Monday Madness, I simply mean that rapid, manic, possibly chaotic state that the post-weekend time induces. Or is that just me? There is always so much more to do on a Monday than any other day of the week! No matter the steps you try and take to compensate for Monday Madness, you can no more escape it than life itself.

I normally work on a Sunday and sometimes both Saturday and Sunday. I say this not as a grumble – I absolutely LOVE what I do! Well, 90% of the time I do, anyway (I detest admin…) But the copywriting, editing and proofreading are just fabulous!

I digress.

My point is thus: Whatever I do, Mondays are always sheer Madness! This is just a fact of (my) life that I have come to accept over the thirty short years I have been on this earth. And like most things in my life, I embrace the Madness now. In fact, I am worried if a Monday is not mad and think: what am I doing wrong? Did I oversleep and awake on Tuesday? Ponderous times are afoot on a Mellow Monday.

Monday Madness is my friend ~ it spurs me on to achieve great things and meet seemingly impossible deadlines. It fires me up for the week and leaves me raring to take on Thoughtful Tuesday, Wondrous Wednesday, Thumping Thursday and Fabulous Friday!

I shall cease now for fear of being OTT. But I wanted my first blog post – yes, first blog post – to be on a Monday Madness! I have wanted to start a First For Copy blog for a looonngg time but somehow all the copywriting projects have kept me away. Now I am in the midst of building a new website, alongside juggling platefuls of articles, blogs (not mine), web copy etc, and I thought – now’s the time to start my own blog!


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