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Day 2: Frisbee farce

I’m writing this blog while glugging fizzy water and feeling slightly dizzy due to a lack-of-food anxiety (I haven’t eaten for almost four hours now) ~ so I hope it makes some sort of sense.

I have just returned from my second walk ~ a “power” walk, really ~ with Radish, my dog and fitness trainer. Radish is a little miffed that we only marched around the block once this time, but I’ve explained to her that it’s best to build these fitness things up gradually. With two laps around the block this morning plus this evening’s exertion, it was beginning to border on the ridiculous.

Today’s stats:

I have no stats. Radish and I just walked for about 50 minutes this morning and 25 minutes this evening ~ with a bit of frisbee in the park thrown in for good measure. I was going to use my iPhone as I have a this-will-make-you-run-more app but talking while running this app doesn’t work ~ I mean, talking on the phone, not just to Radish. So…tomorrow I’ll buy one of those pedometer things so I can count the steps.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of Radish with her frisbee :0)


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